Brituals - Advisory

Studying and Measuring Consumer Rituals can become a deep source of Competitive Advantage for Brands. Because it helps to:

  • Discover emotional truths
  • Understand and then strengthen emotive bonds consumers have with the products and brands they use regularly.
  • Objectively measure the emotional connect with target consumers
  • Make comparative studies of emotional connect across brands (including competition), geographies and time.

Setting up a small internal team / task force to champion this journey would be a great idea. They can figure out how to integrate this philosophy and methodology in to your brand strategy. Check out a series of articles and sample cases published by AD-AGE India on this subject, to understand the framework and processes involved.
We would act as a catalyst, facilitator and consultant during this process.

INDICATIVE PRICE : Retainership of Rs 50,000 PM. 

*You can also choose from a panel of external experts who can render their services on demand.